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Geopliant, LLC - the maker of Crisis Track - helps federal, state and local government reduce IT costs by selling mission-specific Software as a Service applications accessible from mobile and web-based platforms. Our solutions take advantage of current mapping technology and analytics to optimize and visualize government information real time. With over 25 years of experience designing and building information systems for government, our team is uniquely qualified to deliver high quality, intuitive products.

Our Team

John Maylie - President

John Maylie is the cofounder and inventor of Crisis Track. John has been a leader in the GIS industry for over 20 years with experience serving local, state, and federal clients. For 5 of those years, John led most FEMA-related projects for Esri. During Hurricane Sandy, John led the operations for FEMA's cloud-based infrastructure, which helped pave the way on how cloud-based systems can better support government during a disaster. John earned his undergraduate degree in Geography from Penn State and his masters in Geography from Louisiana State.

John Maylie
Ben Semanko - Chief Technical Officer

Ben Semanko is the co-founder and architect behind Crisis Track. As the Chief Technical Officer, he is responsible for all technical operations. Prior to founding Geopliant, Ben was a Senior Software Developer for Esri's Professional Services Division in Washington DC where he was the technical lead on several large GIS and big data projects for the Department of Defense. He also developed software integration points for some of FEMA's GIS systems. Before working for Esri, Ben developed software and algorithms for submarine weapon control systems. Ben is a graduate of Penn State's Computer Engineering Program.

Marla Szczepaniec - Senior Account Executive

Marla Szczepaniec is the Senior Account Executive for Crisis Track. Marla brings over 19 years of operations and sales experience to the organization with a proven track record in providing exceptional support to emergency management agencies. She thrives in environments where responsiveness is essential and where clients are depending on her to deliver.

John Maylie

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