Rapid Structural Damage Assessment

Crisis Track's Damage Assessment tier has everything you need to prepare for a declaration.

  • View countywide infrastructure preloaded from your organization's GIS and tax assessment data
  • Use developed and tested standard operating procedures and exercises to train your teams
  • Preplan common emergency management tasks before the incident happens

Our GIS experts will work with your staff to quickly set your organization up with Crisis Track.

Graphic of a damaged building
Photo of a damaged building from the Crisis Track mobile app

Completely Mobile

Without needing internet connectivity, Crisis Track's damage assessment software captures critical data on your phones and tablets.

  • Collect damage assessments, photos, and GPS locations more efficiently through our easy-to-use mobile application
  • Focus your teams by assigning specific infrastructure locations for inspection, based on reports feeding into your EOC
  • Provide real-time disaster consequence maps for local officials and public situational awareness

The Crisis Track mobile app is available on Android, IOS and Windows 10.

Field-to-FEMA Forms

Damage assessment data moves real-time from the field, into the EOC and onto FEMA forms for faster, more efficient emergency operations.

  • Know exactly when your organization meets declaration thresholds for disaster recovery planning
  • Output to standard FEMA damage assessment forms
  • Provide state and federal representatives with a damage blueprint to prepare recovery operations

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Operations view of structures from Crisis Track