Crisis Track
Damage Assessments on iPad

Damage Assessment Software for Local Government: Structures, Debris, Parks, Roads, Bridges

Crisis Track helps you efficiently perform damage assessments and quickly process grant applications to get the resources your community needs when a disaster strikes.

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  • View countywide infrastructure preloaded from your organization's GIS and tax assessment data
  • Preload your force labor and equipment lists to save time when the incident occurs
  • Use developed and tested standard operating procedures and exercises to train your teams


  • Collect damage assessments, photos, and GPS locations more efficiently through our easy-to-use mobile application
  • Focus your teams by assigning specific infrastructure locations for inspection, based on reports feeding into your EOC
  • Provide real-time disaster consequence maps for local officials and public situational awareness


  • Know exactly when your organization meets declaration thresholds for disaster recovery planning
  • Provide state and federal representatives with a disaster management blueprint for recovery operations
  • Prepare grant applications faster and easier with auto-populated FEMA forms

During a bad winter storm Crisis Track gave us a better visualization to what was happening as events occurred. Even though we had just purchased the system, the Crisis Track staff accommodated us very quickly to get the system operational before the storm hit us.

- Jeff Ownby - Deputy Director of Emergency Management, Whitfield County Georgia

During a recent flood event, Crisis Track helped us conduct a damage assessment and complete the FEMA paperwork to the State in a day as opposed to weeks of effort.

- David Ferguson, Fire Marshal, Shenandoah County Virginia